Battery Register Procedure for all BMW Vehicles Approx. 2002 and Newer.

It is that time of year again here in Michigan.Cold snowy mornings and icy commutes.One thing that always seems to fail in the winter is a car’s battery.If you have a 2002 or newer BMW you may be asking yourself why is my new battery having problems, maybe the clock doesn’t keep time, windows may be erratic,lights. Good News Your battery is not bad it just needs to be registered through your cars DME.Listed below are the common steps to register your battery.When replacing your battery you may replace a lead acid with an AGM but not vice versa.

.Compliance with the following
information and instructions for correct
battery replacement is absolutely
– ISTA Document
For additional information, see:
– Battery master document
The original battery (battery size and
type) as indicated in the vehicle’s
order specifications must always be
installed to ensure correct operation of
the on-board electrical system!
If the vehicle is equipped with an IBS
(Intelligent Battery Sensor), the
battery must be registered via the
diagnostic system (ISTA); this process
also registers the battery with the
vehicle’s on-board electrical system.
Standard batteries can always be
replaced by AGM batteries with the same
Following either type of replacement,
the vehicle registration process in
ISTA/P must be supplemented by a vehicle
coding procedure, which is carried out
as follows:
Read out battery size and registration
from onboard electrical system:
ISTA->Service functions->Body->Voltage
supply->Register_battery replacement->
Test plan





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